Lectionary Mods

Examples of Lectionary Mods

The point of the Open Source Lectionary is not to set up a rival lectionary to replace the current RCL but rather to open up opportunities to modify the RCL.  In this section, examples of Lectionary Mods will be given.  Since some of these Mods arose in the author’s context and out of the author’s wrestling with Scripture with others in the congregation and elsewhere, they will be described from a more personal and local perspective.  There is no limit to the number of possible Lectionary Mods that can arise in different congregational contexts and at different times in the lectionary cycle.

As these Lectionary Mods reveal, the best justification for pursuing an Open Source Lectionary is the positive outcome of trying it, of moving outside the lectionary for a season and exploring sermon series that intentionally expose the congregation to the narrative of Scripture for the purpose of growing biblically formed and informed disciples.  Ultimately, the success of www.opensourcelectionary.com will be demonstrated by the growing collection of useful Lectionary Mods and other preaching planning resources on the site.